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Its a built-in google maps feature which keeps track of the places you have visited pretty much during the entire life of your phone. But this feature also depends upon your permission of the device to use location. Otherwise, the places or not logged. So, the location map also did not help much.

So, the last known location here was also from last week. There is still a caveat.

Suppose your phone is snatched. The first thing the snatcher will do is to turn off the phone. He turns it back on and goes online and this is when your phone will log the location. But if he is smart, he will do one of these things. Turn off the GPS as soon as possible; 2. Sign out of the existing google account on the device. Or worst, he can factory reset the phone. In these cases, you are out of luck. Luckily if the thief is not so smart, and he feels safe by just removing the SIM card, he will start surfing the internet etc. It is when you can track the phone given the conditions described before are met.

Alternative to Android Device Manager: You can always use 3rd party apps which are designed to sent stealth text messages and log location data etc secretly. But there is a trade-off here.

Are you willing to give your every movement to someone else sitting on the other side? If you can do so, you can track your phone. But most of us do not bother to go to these lengths unless our phone is stolen and which brings us back to previous conditions.

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With this GPS Location Tracker you can easily track down the real time location of your employees, friends, and family members. GPS coordinates of the targeted mobile device is determined and shown in the form of a convenient map. The location tracking solution needs to be downloaded as an Android App in your mobile device. Once it is installed and activated, the location information is fetched and stored onto the web server. The location information is then accessible to you through the web portal upon login. Date wise you can view location details of your employees.

You get to have the actual distance covered with date and time stamp along with area details.


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Showcase It furnishes location details, journey time, route coverage through up-to-date maps and tailored reporting system. DM Tracker Demo Video.

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Features of Location Tracker Web Portal. The location tracker web portal enables you to have 24x7 real time location tracking. It provides a simple to use web interface through which you can access location information of your employees. The web portal has a neatly laid out dashboard and presents detailed menu options such as activities, reports, masters and utilities.

Information stored by the app is secured and only shared amongst the designated users

The user needs to login to access the web portal. This tutorial explains the steps through which you can find location of your android device on your desktop or on any other android handset.

I use this app to track location of my wife, whenever she is travelling out of city and gets stuck, so I help her reach out her destination by remotely tracking her cell phone. Some of the interesting features of this app are — 1.

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So by using this app, you can reach approximate location of phone and then click on ring and your phone will start ringing for 5 minutes at full volume. Lock — This feature allows you to lock your android device with password and also set your call back number, so any one with good intentions can call on that number and speak to you. Erase — If your phone has been stolen and there is no hope for recovery, you can simply click on erase and all the data on phone will get deleted, only data that will not get erased is the one that is on SD card.

You can also login as a guest, which means if you wish to help someone track his cell phone, you can do that from your handset or desktop provided the app is installed on that lost handset. This feature can really be helpful in tracking lost devices.

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