What is cell phone tracking

The resulting accuracy circle was 4.

The size of the accuracy circle is generated by the signal strength, which allows an estimate of the user's distance from the base station. But it is not that accurate, and as a result one cannot say where the tracked phone is in circle. Despite the accuracy circle's radius of 2.

A separate test in north Somerset, with a phone 1. The service tested was Mapaphone by Mapbyte, although all use the same data from the phone networks.

What is GPS?

Further requests cost 30p each. She says the service is aimed mainly at companies wanting to see when their vehicles will arrive, rather than parents. For the latter, she says that satellite-based global positioning system GPS products are more suitable, as they are accurate to within a few yards.

And the data available from base station services is nothing like as good as that available to police and other government investigators. Mobile phones will eventually include GPS technology. But even releasing middling-quality location data raises privacy questions.

The Problem with Mobile Phones | Surveillance Self-Defense

Mapbyte requires parents wanting to track their children, and employers tracking staff, to sign a form. In the case of children, the parent is then emailed a Pin, which they must enter into the child's phone, to prevent strangers activating the service. Mapbyte sends tracked mobiles reminder text messages, 24 hours after tracking starts then every month, stating who is tracking the phone and explaining how to opt out.

ChildLocate sends such reminders every fortnight.

How to Track Your Cell Phone

Privacy campaigner Spy. The group also raises questions about the service providers' staff, suggestingthey should go through criminal record checks. Finally, there's the question of whether parents should track their children. Terri Dowty, policy director of Action on Rights for Children, says: "I think this is a very destructive idea - a really cynical exploitation of parents' fears.

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How to track a cell phone location for free. You can get started tracking a phones location for free in 3 easy steps First you need to install the Free Phone Tracker Second you will need to add phones you want to track in app by using the "Add Friend" feature Last, once other phones accept your friend invites, you will be able to see exact gps location on map in the app Enjoy!

Cell Phone Tracker

This works great for keeping track of my kids while they are out at the mall. Me and my boyfriend use this so we know when we are close.

Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Phone

Best app for exact gps tracking and its free. Other apps had expensive monthly cost to get app to work. I keep track of my work phones with this app. It saves money in case misplace one of my workers phones.

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